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20 Years of m-flo: The Rhyme Brokers In Their Own Words

October 24, 2018 3:00pm
by Eddie Lehecka

20 years ago today the Japanese hip-hop scene was introduced to one of the most extraordinary groups that would ever grace their musical landscape. At the time they were a modest success, but in only a few short years Taku Takahashi, VERBAL, and LISA would take Japan (and the world) by storm with their unique sound and experimental style. Their first single as a trio, "The Rhyme Brokers", was also the US's earliest exposure to the group, having appeared in the first entries of Konami's beatmania IIDX & Dance Dance Revolution franchises. It didn't take long for their follow up, "Been So Long" to come out and blow up in a serious way, leading to a legacy that is still being written by 3 ultra-talented friends who aren't afraid to try different things and love what they do.

Since Taku Takahashi is also one of the founding fathers of OTAQUEST, I asked him if we could get some statements from the 3 of them about those early days. Thankfully all were happy to oblige. Continue reading for some first-hand insight on the early days of m-flo, the recording of "The Rhyme Brokers", and a look at what the future holds.

OTAQUEST: It's been 20 years since your first single, "The Rhyme Brokers" was released. Can you tell us a bit about how you all got together, and what it was like working together in those early days?

VERBAL: Taku and I used to be in a band together in high school, so we go way back. I think about like a high school dance party where Taku would bring out his turntables, and I don't even think they were meant for DJing. But we had records and I remember him there DJing, there was a point where we got together and starting jamming at these high school dance parties. That's how we originally got together and started our band. Fast forward a couple of years when we got together and started m-flo, we recorded our first song and that was called "The Rhyme Brokers".
Just to give you some context on what it was like in the late 90's in Japan, hip-hop and R&B were booming at the time so there were a lot of new acts coming out. It was a very prime-time for us to release our kind of music and do what we had aspired to do. When we made that first song together, it was around that time that we figured "hey, this is going to be a new group, so we should give it a new name." The name we originally came up with was "Mediarite-Flow", which eventually became m-flo.
Anyways, I remember us making a demo cassette and we would drive around banging it in Taku's car. It had an open roof, and we would just be banging it, we thought it was the shit. Soon after that Taku approached me and said: "You know what, we want to add another element to this, so let's ask LISA." LISA was somebody we knew from high school, she was a year above us. She was the queen boss, you know? We knew she was a singer too, so I thought that was great, I was like "Bet, she should sing on it!" That became "The Rhyme Brokers" that everyone has heard today. It gave m-flo a new life, and is safe to say was really the beginning.

Taku: So 20 years ago VERBAL and I were doing a group together when we came up with "The Rhyme Brokers". At the time I knew LISA was singing as a professional, so I asked her to sing on our track. I thought the result was really good and that we should make another tune. That next song was "Been So Long", and after that, we asked LISA to officially join the group as m-flo.

LISA: 20 years ago, oh wow. Taku was always making music. Taku's always doing his thing. He had asked me to come to his house and listen to a bunch of his music. One song he had said "Listen to this rapper, it's like really out there." When I heard it I was like "Woah. Taku. Who's this guy?" and was like "Oh, it's Young-Kee." I was like "Young-Kee!? Like that Young-Kee in our school? Really!? No." So a few weeks went by and Taku said "You know what. Why don't we try to do something, us three together?" so I asked him what he wanted to do. He told me to come up with something like a loop tune, something repetitious, like a killer hook or melody that would latch onto people's ear so they won't forget us. I told him I would do it and he said "Just write something really crazy, like you." crazy like me? You got it! I had done that and then we met up at the studio.
That was the first time I had actually met VERBAL. I had seen him here and there in school and everything, but to really really meet him that was the first time. It was the first day of recording for "The Rhyme Brokers" too, so can you imagine how nervous I was? So then here comes VERBAL and I was shaking because I was kinda nervous, I don't know what he's going to say to me. The first thing he told me, I don't know how to say it in english, but he was like "なんかヤンキーぽいな" so I was like "Yankee? What! Man what!? How could you say that to me?" In English that's probably like "Oh, you're kinda raggedy" or "you're kinda street-ish" like a really street kind of girl. So you know, I did not feel good about it. But you know, brother was very young and you gotta let that go *laughs* because if I didn't let that go then we would have never come up with "The Rhyme Brokers" so there it is. Rhyme Brokers, 20 years ago! Wow.

OTAQUEST: Did you have any image at the time of how the future might turn out for m-flo?

Taku Takahashi: I had an image that we would be really successful. I never had a doubt, to be honest. I thought we were bringing out something different to Japan and that was my goal. I knew we would do it in the best way. I never thought we would be doing this for 20 years, but I thought we had a bright future. We were very fortunate that we have been able to do this for so long. 

LISA: What we were thinking back then was not really like "OK! We're going to move on like this and move on like that!" It really wasn't like that. We were such an experimental group, every song is strictly experimental. But we wanted to put our best into every song we make. Whether we had the chance to release it nor not, record company or not, it didn't matter. If we got together we wanted to put together something really hot. So that's how it happened, we were just concentrating on "The Rhyme Brokers" and that went really well. Not as in the charts, but our staff that listened to it all really liked it and hey encouraged us to make another song together. That song was "Been So Long", and a lot of people everywhere really liked that so that brought us out into the world and let people know that m-flo exists. "Been So Long" was our first hit, but "The Rhyme Brokers" was the beginning.

OTAQUEST: Does it feel like it's really been 20 years since it all started to you?

VERBAL: I did not expect 20 years of m-flo because I was thinking about quitting rapping before I hit 30. I thought that was the cool thing, start a new business or do something else. But life takes form in different ways and I'm really thankful that I'm able to be creative to this day. I get to work with Taku & LISA, make tracks, make songs for the fans out there. I would say it was like a quick 20 years, and we really feel blessed to be doing what we love for so many years.

Taku Takahashi: 20 years, I still can't believe it. The best word to describe it is "weird". *laughs* I just couldn't imagine that 20 years have passed. Being a professional musician, although I had mentioned that I had faith in ourselves, it's still very surreal to me. Recording with, and meeting artists, even meeting with new artists I feel like "Oh my god, I'm seeing this popular person!" or "Oh wow, this singer is so famous and I'm talking to her!" It's always surreal and I think it will be that way for me forever.

LISA: Yeah, It's been 20 years. Oh wow, very long but at the same time very fast. You can't imagine how life just goes so fast, oh my goodness, it's just scary sometimes. It does feel like 20 years too sometimes because wow when you sing those songs from 20 years ago over and over and over again you think "This song has taken me places!" And you know, a lot of gratitude to that. I Just appreciate everything, every moment, and what happened even though times were tough sometimes. Even though we didn't agree all the time, or even though we bump heads and all kind of stuff, you know? Good times, and bad times, everything together still equaled up to m-flo and whatever we put out.
Wow, there's so much to look back on, but at the same time so much to look forward to. Yeah, we have 20 years under our belt, but we still have 20 more to go! I'm thinking "Taku! VERBAL! Can you do it! Can you do it with me! Oh, you guys are crazy!" Gotta be crazy to go running with me for another 20 years, my brothers. Stay healthy, please! 

OTAQUEST: Where do you see m-flo heading in the future?

VERBAL: I don't know, I mean I definitely didn't think we would be doing this for 20 years but I'm happy that we have and I feel like looking at the way m-flo has evolved; from Taku & me having a high school band to starting with m-flo, LISA joining and then leaving the group, m-flo starting the "loves" series where we collaborate with a bunch of different artists, to LISA coming back and us doing what we're doing now. I mean who knows what the future holds, I'm just excited and I know that this group is here to stay.

Taku Takahashi: Honestly I don't know what's going to happen for m-flo in the future, but I can tell you about what's coming up next. We're working on an album right now and we've been releasing stuff recently. We have a project called "Prince Project" where we're working with a bunch of different artists and producing covers of songs from the 80s. Really we just always want to be free and do something fun! We just released "Mars Drive" and "Piece of Me", the next single coming up will be available on Spotify, iTunes, etc. and the new album is coming out next year. Hopefully we get to go to more cities in the US and perform soon too!

LISA: Our future is bright. I always try to take everything positive. *laughs* I dunno, I just want my brothers to be healthy. And they need a lot of energy to bear with me too, so I don't know how my brothers are going to keep on moving with me and everything but they gotta drag me along with them! I don't know, I just love them very much and m-flo, we're such a fun group. We're always experimental like I said, and we're just going to keep doing that. We're not gonna be like "This is m-flo style, so this is how you're gonna listen to it!" No, we don't work like that. We always try to put a whole of challenges in it, and we're always challenging ourselves. Who knows where we're gonna go, we're still beginning and still moving forward, running too! Hey, please come along with us for another 20 years. Big up m-flo! Whatcha talking about!

OTAQUEST: Do you have any words for your fans in America?

VERBAL: First and foremost, when we performed in Los Angeles at Anime Expo's OTAQUEST LIVE this past July, it was a very enlightening experience for us because it was the first time m-flo every performed in the states, and honestly it was an away game you know? We thought the crowd would be super quiet in the seated arena, but much to our surprise a lot of the people knew our lyrics, and most of the people there were an actual American audience, not like Japanese people who had come to the states. I would say over 90% of the crowd was non-Japanese, so for them to know the songs and the hooks to songs, to be rocking with us, I mean it was a blessing and really encouraging to see. That got us really juiced up to want to go perform more oversease, especially in the US. So to the American fans, we're making new music and we're gonna bring back some of the old music to perform for the people who have been listening to us since day one. Be on the lookout, that's probably going to start as early as the beginning of 2019. Stay tuned.

Taku Takahashi: I really appreciate your support! Some of you know us from beatmania or Dance Dance Revolution, some might know us from YouTube, or even OTAQUEST. Wherever you found us and listen to our music, it really means a lot and I really appreciate that. Thank you so much. I would love to meet you all as soon as possible!

LISA: Mad love to all our fans, mad love from me. You know me, I'm all crazy and everything but crazy love, I have that too. From the bottom of my heart. Yes, we've been around 20 years, but another 20 years coming your way! Oh, be careful! I love you guys so much and I hope to see you soon! Be well and take care.

After the comments from the group I wanted to ask Taku a little bit about their first indie release, "The Way We Were", a cover of a Barbara Streisand song that was released alongside "The Rhyme Brokers" back in 1998. The original version of the release featured vocals from Ceybil Jefferies, with a version featuring LISA coming out a few months later. There isn't a lot of information about this particular song online and it's generally an unknown track to m-flo fans in the US so I was hoping he could shed a little bit of light on this mysterious song.

OTAQUEST: m-flo isn't a group known for performing covers, so how did you end up recording "The Way We Were", originally a Barabara Streisand song?

Taku Takahashi: So "The Way We Were", that's our first single. We had "The Rhyme Brokers" and "The Way We Were" together. Originally it was a GTS project, and GTS was recording it. What I was doing was almost like doing a remix for them. Our producer back then, Masaji Asakawa (G from GTS), liked the remix and said it should be an m-flo tune. While I was doing the remix, VERBAL was in town from Boston, I was already back in Tokyo, and I asked him to rap on it. G (Masaji Asakawa) loved our synergy, so we played him "The Rhyme Brokers" and he liked that too.

OTAQUEST: You recorded 2 versions of the song that were released at slightly different times, one with Ceybil Jefferies and one with LISA. What's the story behind that?

Taku Takahashi: After "Been So Long" we thought we needed a version for LISA. So that's why there are 2 versions, one with Ms. Ceybil Jefferies and we have the one with LISA. The original recording with Ceybil Jefferies was already there for the remix, so we just added VERBAL's rap. That was the first song played on Japanese radio & TV, but soon after "The Rhyme Brokers" hit and that led to "Been So Long".

As someone who counts himself amongst m-flo's earliest fans in the US, it's really amazing to see how far they've come and comforting to know that there's more planned. If you're one of the many out there who also enjoy their music & work, regardless of the era, be sure to look forward for more from this mega-talented group and as always we'll be here supporting and reporting any new developments they might be working on!

Thank you to Taku Takahashi, VERBAL, and LISA for their participation in this interview!


‘Zombieland Saga’ Zombie Idol Unit Holds First Live Concert

December 17, 2018 5:17pm
by Jacob Parker-Dalton

This weekend saw the massive family of Cygames properties descend on Makuhari Messe in Chiba for the annual ‘CygamesFes.’ And among the many properties there, from Granblue Fantasy to Uma Musume, there was definitely one which many had their eyes on - that of Zombieland Saga, who saw their zombie idol unit Franchouchou perform for the first time in concert.

Six out of its seven members performed many of the key songs shown of the series thus far, which at the time of writing is about to air its final episode. These include the insert songs "Mezame Returner" as well as the opening and ending songs "Adabana Necromancy" and "Hikara e." Only Yamada Tae’s voice actor Mitsuishi Kotono was not present, although she did send a letter of support along with the anime’s director Munehisa Sakai.

For a first live, the reception from fans seems to be overwhelmingly positive, as many of those who had waited all day to see the debut concert of this rising star of the virtual idol world were not disappointed. They even nailed the strange yet enthralling robot walk from "Mezame Returner", which is just one example of how the six girls absolutely nailed it. Safe to say, the atmosphere in the venue was electric.

One particularly interesting moment in the concert came during one of the first MCs. As you’ll know if you watch the show, the ‘saga’ in the title also refers to the setting of the show, that of Saga prefecture in Kyushu. It’s a pretty long way from Chiba, so when one of the members of Franchouchou asked if anyone had come from Saga, she was pretty taken aback when a fair few people waved their penlights and shouted in affirmation. I’m sure that Mamoru Miyano’s producer character Tatsumi Kotaro would be very proud that some people from his precious Saga made the long, long journey.

Furthermore, the final MC of the live saw each member give their farewells, and protagonist Sakura Kirishima’s voice actor Hondo Kaede very clearly expressed her desire for the series to continue further, into a “second, third season or even a movie.” Of course, it’s ultimately up to the producers at Cygames to decide what becomes of the series, but with the amount of attention and love the series has been getting this season, I very much doubt this’ll be the last we see of the zombie girls - especially as they gear up for their second live event this March, in Shinagawa.


Kaito Kid to Take Over Upcoming ‘Detective Conan’ Universal Studios Japan Attractions

December 17, 2018 4:01pm
by Jacob Parker-Dalton

It’s not long to go now before the start of 2019, and what is shaping up to be a fantastic year at Universal Studios Japan for anime and manga fans. Perhaps more than anything else, there’s even better news for fans of Detective Conan, which is making another appearance this year as part of the ‘Cool Japan’ initiative, as each of the attractions will tie heavily into the franchise’s upcoming 23rd theatrical outing, Fist of the Blue Sapphire.

The ‘real escape’ attraction is a particularly notable example of this. Titled ‘Prologue of the Blue Sapphire,’ the attraction will see parkgoers thrust into a mystery in a Western mansion with the upcoming film’s Kaito Kid as the antagonist. Not only will the attraction see you working alongside Conan and various other characters to solve a mystery, but as the title suggests, that mystery will actually serve as a ‘prologue’ for the upcoming film - possibly giving some backstory or key plot elements to those who manage to get through it.

Of course, this presents quite a big problem for USJ - how far do they go? By fully committing to the ‘prologue’ premise and offering key information to fans who come to the park, they could attract more hardcore fans, who would come in droves. Yet, this would put those who wouldn’t be able to come to the park at a disadvantage, with also the possibility of being spoiled before the film’s April premiere. This is particularly pertinent for overseas fans, and considering that the upcoming film will take place overseas, in Singapore, Universal Studios Japan should think very carefully about this.

Thankfully, however, the way that the other attractions tie into the film shouldn’t be too problematic. The ‘mystery rally’ attraction which is returning once more this year will see parkgoers solving clues left behind by Heiji Hattori to foil another plot by Kaito Kid. From the information available, it seems like the story behind this will be fairly inconsequential, but it should still work in building hype for the film by emphasizing the role of Kid.

Furthermore, one of Kid’s self-proclaimed rivals is also set to make an appearance through this year’s ‘mystery restaurant’ attraction. Jirokichi Suzuki, who has been (unsuccessfully) setting traps for Kid for much of his life, is giving it another go by opening a new restaurant with a state-of-the-art security system and a precious jewel for bait in USJ. Restaurant goers will work alongside Shinichi Kudo and Makoto Kyogoku to foil Kid’s heist, all while enjoying the delicious themed food on offer.

Makoto is also a key character in the upcoming film alongside Kid, so it’s pretty clear that the attractions this year are focused on promoting the movie. That being said, last year was the same, with a heavy focus on antagonist Amuro Toru, so it’s safe to say that this more direct promotional element to the USJ Conan attractions will be a continuing element going forward.

And while Conan may be a big enough franchise to warrant exception, I can’t but think if this promotional element will also be incorporated into the other ‘Cool Japan’ attractions - particularly series like Evangelion and Lupin the Third, both of which have highly anticipated next installments.


Two ‘Puyo Puyo’ Title’s Joining the SEGA AGES Lineup

December 17, 2018 3:32pm
by Alicia Haddick

The SEGA AGES lineup on Nintendo Switch has seen a variety of classic SEGA titles given new life on the hybrid console. Many have received enhancements which step them a cut above their original releases, such as with the recent SEGA AGES Outrun which brought in enhancements that included new music in addition to the classic soundtrack and widescreen support.

The latest titles to join this series were announced at SEGA’s own Puyo Puyo Championship December 2018, as it was revealed that the first two titles in the Puyo Puyo series, Puyo Puyo and Puyo Puyo Tsu, would be set for release in 2019.

These games did see a home console release at the time, however, it has been confirmed that these versions will be based on their arcade counterparts. These were originally developed by Compile and released in 1992 and 1994 respectively. Excitingly for fans of the series and the classic Puyo Puyo experience, both of these titles will receive online play for the first time, allowing players to compete with others for bragging rights.

While perhaps a surprising choice when considering that Puyo Puyo Tetris is already available on the system, with a version aimed at competitive players titled Puyo Puyo eSports released just 2 months ago, series veterans are likely to remain excited to revisit these original releases all the same.

Official websites for Puyo Puyo and Puyo Puyo Tsu are now live, and it’s currently unknown whether either of these SEGA AGES titles will receive an international release. English versions of the first arcade game do exist without an English translation for the latter title, while the majority of the Puyo Puyo franchise has remained Japan-exclusive. As these games get closer to release, though, we should find out one way or another what the international plans are for these new titles in the SEGA AGES series.


Tetsuya Nomura Responds to Kingdom Hearts III Leaks

December 17, 2018 2:54pm
by Petrit Elshani

In response to the shocking Kingdom Hearts III leak that occurred on Friday, game director Tetsuya Nomura from Square Enix has come out with an official statement on the situation. In the address, Nomura thanks all of the loyal fans who have been warning each other about the circulating spoilers as well as doing their absolute best to avoid them. Almost having anticipated a leak, he gives a reassuring notice that neither the game’s epilogue or the secret ending (the biggest spoilers) are part of the games disc files, instead, being an update scheduled for the game’s launch.

This safety measure now serves as a reassurance to all the fans who were worried that major spoilers could appear on their social media feed at any moment. Nomura ends his statement with a very pleasant invitation to enjoy the game on its official release on January 29, 2019. 


An important message for #KingdomHearts III from Director Tetsuya Nomura.

A post shared by KINGDOM HEARTS (@kingdomhearts) on

Before moving on, I would just like to make it clear that we will not be discussing the spoilers here. That being said, the context surrounding the leak itself is a bit of an interesting story that fans might want to know. For those unaware, the leak started circulating some time on December 15th, after somebody on the Facebook marketplace listed that they had gotten their hands on a number of copies of the game and were selling them for $100. The Facebook user also posted some unseen footage of the game that they had recorded to prove that they had access to the real deal.

What struck fans as being extra upsetting was that the seller wasn’t even a fan of the games to begin with, and is said to have acquired thirty copies of the game through an acquaintance working at the manufacturing/printing company and just wants to sell them to make a quick buck. While the seller is now rumored to have been apprehended, fans should still be cautious about future leaks with the possibility that at least some of the stolen copies have now changed hands. Ten copies are said to have been sold, but it is unknown whether the seller was able to dispatch them. Though it is difficult to verify the postings, a spoiler-free, detailed twitter thread has surfaced from user @MysticDistance regarding the events that lead to this taking place.

The biggest take from all this has to be how dedicated the Kingdom Hearts community really is. With the firm anti-spoiler stance everyone has taken in response to the leak, as well as fans giving each other in-depth instructions as to how they can best avoid spoilers, it’s no wonder why Nomura thanked the community in his address. We wish everyone here the best of luck avoiding spoilers in the lead up to the game's launch.  


Splatoon 2’s Pearl and Marina to Hold Concert at Game Party Japan 2019

December 17, 2018 1:16pm
by Alicia Haddick

Tokaigi Game Party Japan is a yearly gaming event held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, which allows people of all ages to get some hands-on time with a variety of games past and present. The event is highly popular, with 68,000 visitors in 2017 and over 4,000,000 people viewing the event’s livestream over the course of the weekend, where people were able to watch the various on-stage events or take part in the various exhibits on display.

Following on from their concert at last year’s event, and for the latest in a series of concerts that date back to the first game’s initial launch in 2015, it has been announced that there will be a Splatoon concert held at Tokaigi Game Party 2019, which is set for January 26 and 27 next year. For this concert, Pearl and Marina from the series’ latest title, Splatoon 2, will be returning in hologram form to sing and perform for attendees. 

Unlike at the event in 2018, it has been confirmed that a guest appearance from Callie and Marie from the original Splatoon will not occur, with the concert only featuring Pearl and Marina. A set list for the concert is also unannounced at this time. However, as with all events over the course of the weekend, this concert will be live-streamed for free on Nico Nico Douga on January 26 at 3 am EST, while the archived version will be uploaded to Nintendo’s YouTube channel shortly afterward.

While I’m unfortunately still waiting for an opportunity to attend one of these concerts for myself, they’re always a lot of fun to watch live or after the fact and I for one am very excited for this latest performance. With the game remaining astonishingly popular in Japan it’s no surprise to see more of these concerts being held and, even with new content no longer being added to Splatoon 2 as of this month, it would be a surprise if this was to be the last concert we see from these squid-tastic virtual performers.


Granblue Fantasy Fighting Game Announced, Developed by Arc System Works

December 17, 2018 12:45pm
by Alicia Haddick

The popularity of Granblue Fantasy ever since it released for mobile devices in March 2014 can’t be understated. Alongside the massive success of the title on mobile devices the series has branched out and received an anime series in 2017 with a new console game titled Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link previously announced to be on the way from series developer Cygames and Platinum Games.

Joining these projects following its announcement during this weekend’s Granblue Fantasy Fes 2018 at the Makuhari Messe is Granblue Fantasy Versus, a brand new 2D fighting game utilizing the IP and its characters which is being developed by Arc System Works.

Coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019, this brawler follows the formula of many of Arc System Works other fighting titles such as Dragon Ball FighterZ while utilizing the signature art style of the series itself. Music for the title will be handled by Stella Magna, a group who have previously handled much of the music for the series alongside famed composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Promised during this announcement was a ‘substantial’ story mode with eSports support for a competitive scene also being teased.

Despite the massive success of the game in its home nation of Japan, the series is still relatively unknown outside of the country due to the lack of an official release for any media related to the franchise aside from the anime on Crunchyroll. With an ambitious game in the works from Platinum Games alongside this 2D fighting game from Arc System Works, however, the series could be poised to make a big splash internationally if Cygames so desires.

Irrespective of this, Granblue Fantasy Versus looks like another visually impressive and fun brawler from the developer which many fighting game fans will be keeping a close eye on during the build-up to the title’s launch in Japan next year. Those interested in checking out further details, be sure to check out the game's official website.


Yunomi Announces Signing to Asobi System

December 17, 2018 12:00pm
by Lachlan Johnston

While the entirety of 2018 has been completely wild for Tokyo-based trackmaker Yunomi, this past week alone has seen plenty of reason to celebrate. I wrote recently about the Yunomi x Kiato x Chloma "Fashion" drop that took place on Saturday, a collaboration that would see Kiato's illustrations brought to life with an original Chloma piece, while Yunomi scored a new original featuring Rinahamu, titled "Fashion", to tie it all in. Taking it just one step further, Yunomi this weekend announced his signing with entertainment group Asobi System.

For years now Yunomi has been praised both inside Japan and out as one of the major players in the "Post-Yasutaka Nakata" era of electronic musicians, a group largely influenced by the sounds of Nakata, while then adding their own spin and taking it to new heights. So seeing it all brought back to Asobi System, the very team behind Yasutaka Nakata, is somewhat ironic -- but it definitely isn't something to ignore.

Yunomi's wave of success isn't just due to his incredible production value and natural talents, but also due in no small part to a number of incredibly wise choices. From Yunomi's early days working alongside vocalist Nicamoq, where he would make his track stems readily available to eager remixers, all the way to his careful selection of idol groups to produce for, each move has proven to bolster his following massively. 

So while the signing to Asobi System isn't likely to change the sounds that we know and love from Yunomi, we can definitely expect to hear him in more and more places than ever before -- and that can only be a good thing. If you're yet to check out his works, I couldn't apologize more, and I definitely recommend you change that by visiting Yunomi's official website.

Congratulations to Yunomi, and we can't wait to see you continue on your journey towards astronomical success!